Tuesday Cheer With Leonardo DiCaprio

Ever had one of those days?

You know the type where you just feel down and defeated and nothing seems to go right. Today was one of those days.

University started back today. I have the flu so I was that sniffily person in the library and lectures. Our first prac back was hard and confusing. Traffic home was terrible. Lots of other little things just didn't go nicely. Safe to say I was fed up, and defeated.

But not to worry, the internet has many wonderful things. Such as this; the most puzzling pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio. Click the link; you know you want to.

Now I don't usually fan-girl over people, but I have a underlining obsession soft spot for Leo. These pictures had me (and my mum) cracking up. Instant cheer for a pretty dreary day.

Also, you can not be upset while looking at this picture. You just can't.

Happy Tuesday!

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